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This site, located at, contains specialized material related to Oliver Seeler's Universe of Bagpipes web site at (link above). It may contain temporary pages, unannounced changes, fragmentary material, experimental works, drafts and so on. It is not intended to function as a stable or polished reference source, everything here is a work in progress. ~ O.S.


1. Print Collection Catalog UPDATED & EXPANDED, January 2015 Here is a catalog of physical (paper) early bagpipe prints collected by Oliver Seeler and belonging to his company, The Universe of Bagpipes. Woodcuts, engravings and etchings such as these can play an important role in understanding the nature of bagpipes and piping through the centuries. Together with early paintings (which we do not collect) images such as these have been used to reconstruct "lost" instruments and to place them in their historical contexts. Aside from such uses, these early images can be highly evocative. They're like little time machines and can create in the viewer a strong feeling of connection with the instruments, the pipers and the audiences of their times. We hope you enjoy them.

1. Special Features Section NEW, December 2015 Here's a spot for some high resolution scans of particualr interest for one reason or another, presented in large format files so you can print yourself a nice framable copy if you wish. The first one (and only one for the moment) is a Nativity scene with a bagpipes, put up here as a Christmas card for our friends worldwide (of whatever, if any, religious persuasion -- the message of birth and peace is universal and we're not picky).

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