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Index of Categories

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1. Category #1, "All Prints," contains the entire collection of over 300 prints.

2. A particular print may be found in more than one category. For example, a print of a solitary Highland piper in a field might be found in the categories Scottish Piping and/or Pastoral Scenes and/or Solo Pipers and so on.

3. Creating and populating the categories is a lot of work and is ongoing as time permits.

4. New additions or other updates will be announced right here: August 22, 2012: Complete revision, approx. 100 prints added. September 24, 2012: Four new prints added, Nos. 267-270. December 27, 2014: 31 new, Nos. 270-302 (blue borders). January 22, 2015: No. 303, the Rembrandt (see Category No. 0, below). January 26, 2015: Nine new prints added, Nos. 304-312.

Category No. 0: The Crown Jewel

Here is our gorgeous, original Rembrandt etching, one of the world's two or three ultimate bagpipe prints. With commentrary and sound file.

Category No. 1: All Prints

Here is a huge page of thumbnails for the entire collection. The numbering is entirely random. (However, note that the first 39 prints all have Scottish/Irish/English themes.) At this time, December 2014, there are 302 prints in the collection.

Category No. 2: Scottish, Irish and English

Here are Scottish pipers and pipes, along with a few English and Irish.

Category No. 3: Early Prints

These are the very oldest prints in the collection, mostly woodcuts, dating from the late 1400s through the 1500s with a few from the early 1600s. Many have a religious theme, as does most art from the period.

Category No. 4: Portraits

Here are solo pipers with little or nothing in the background.

Category No. 5: Weddings and Processions

Just what it says, and some of the most charming prints are in this category.

Category No. 6: Color Prints

There's really not much of a reason for this category but it's fun and the prints are pretty, although the colorizing of prints long after they were published (a habit of some print dealers) is something of which we are not altogether fond. Most of the prints here were published in color in the first place. Several are examples of exotic early methods of printing in color (more on that to follow).

Category No.7: Nautical

We don't see bagpipes around ships and boats all that often, but here are a few.


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