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Here is an album of antique physical (paper) bagpipe prints, dating from the late 1400s through the 1800s (with a very few from the early 1900s), collected over the years by Oliver Seeler for The Universe of Bagpipes. The collection consists of woodcuts, etchings and engravings, along with a very few lithographs. There are what look like some duplicates in the collection, but these are usually by different engravers. Sometimes the detail differences are enough to warrant keeping both versions. I'll have some things to say later about why such woodcuts, etchings and engravings are so interesting and valuable, both historically and in some instances in regard to practical matters.

The prints are presented here in more or less casual photographs (not scans) of moderate quality, in part because the collection will be involved in an upcoming project and thus needs protection from unauthorized publication. If you need a high resolution scan of a particular image for personal or commercial use we will be happy to discuss possible arrangements.

There are over 300 prints to see here. They are arranged into categories, or I should say being arranged, as that is an ongoing and lengthy chore. However, the first category, which is simply all of the prints, is now complete and on-line. Some others are now also on line but may not be complete.

We are always interested in information about any aspect of these prints. None of the prints in the collection are for sale. We do have a few duplicates - nothing sensational - that we would trade with a fellow collector.

Be advised that while all of these prints are antique, not all of them are period publications. In particular, most of the woodcuts and engravings by Durer, Rembrandt and Ruebens are later (usually 19th century) renditions of these masters' works. While we have quite a substantial investment in this collection, I'm afraid that originals of that sort, which can easily cost into five figures, are not within our reach. (An exception is the Rembrandt, print No. 303 and in its own category.)

Thanks for your interest and feel free to write or call with any questions or information. If you are a print dealer or collector please let us know what you have available. The email address is: bagpipes at hotpipes dot com (replace the "at" and "dot" as appropriate). Our telephone number is (707) 937-1626. That's in Northern California, so Greenwich Time minus 7-8 hours.

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